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Engine block, timing chain, camshaft, crankshaft, spark plugs, cylinder heads, valves and pistons.


Transmission gearbox, gears, and gear trains.


Battery delivers the electricity to vehicle’s electrical components. 


Part of the electrical system, the alternator charges the battery and powers the electrical system while your car is running.


The radiator is responsible for helping the engine keep cool by removing heat from coolant before it is pumped back through the engine.

Front Axle

Part of the suspension system, the front axle is where the front wheel hubs are attached.

Front Steering and Suspension

Helps improve the ride and handling of the vehicle. Though systems vary in makeup, they typically include shocks/struts, ball jointstie rod ends, rack and pinion steering system and idler/pitman armscoil springscontrol arms, CV joints, and rear axle

Found on all four wheels, your brakes are one of the most important safety systems on your vehicle. Disc brakes can be found on the front and back wheels and feature brake pads and calipers. Drum brakes with brake shoes and wheel cylinders may be found on the back wheels of some vehicles.

Fuel Tank

Located before the rear axle, the fuel tank holds the gasoline that powers your vehicle. The placement is important to avoid areas that could crumple in a crash.